One misstep by a sponsored athlete or a scandal involving a partnered team can reverberate across media platforms, swiftly eroding trust and credibility of your brand. We discuss why doing due diligence in sports partnerships is essential to protecting your reputation.

In 2023, InsightX provided our clients with intelligence on prospective partnerships, be it sponsorships, player transfers, brand ambassadorships or influencer collaborations. Our due diligence research was able to help our clients avoid reputational damage by providing clear, actionable information based on extensive and peerless research.

Zero-alcohol product advertising is becoming increasingly more visible, and replacing traditional ABV partnerships at major global sporting events. But is this type of advertising safer for young and vulnerable audiences? We discuss the risks and harms.

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InsightX COO and Editor in Chief, Justin Williams, was interviewed as part of an investigation by the Financial Times into the ownership of gambling companies which sponsor the Premier League.

Although it was not to be for the Lionesses at the World Cup this year, we decided to take a look at one of their star players alongside the rest of the England team to identify their personal endorsements and see how the squad’s success has added value for the brands who have invested.

The InsightX Premier League Sponsorship Review presents a unique perception and risk analysis of Premier League clubs’ shirt sponsorships. Now in its second year, the analysis looks back at the 2022/2023 season.

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