InsightX is an independent due diligence analysis agency providing high-quality corporate intelligence assessing reputational risks and threats

Companies & organisations

Evaluating new partnerships and deciding whether to associate your business with another company or organisation requires detailed background checks. Ensuring you are not exposing your company to reputational risks will avoid finding yourself in a vulnerable position and seeing backlash or negative reaction from the public.

Accessing detailed information about businesses and organisations is complicated, even more so when they are foreign entities registered abroad or they are composed of several smaller entities and represented by large numbers of associates and shareholders. A complete assessment requires searching comprehensive, worldwide databases, detailed research, digital and traditional media analysis and a global linguistic research capability.

InsightX‘s reports go deeper and further than other due diligence analysis providers. They are rigorously checked by a team of experienced journalists and editors, and cover all subjects relevant to the client.

Who it is for:

Any company or private or public organisation entering partnership negotiations with a supplier or customer, corporates entering merger or acquisition negotiations or companies needing to keep on top of their own or their competitors’ reputations.

How it works:

After the brief has been agreed, we set our global research team in motion to investigate all details of the company or organisation of interest.


Firstly, we investigate:

  • Official corporate records
  • Documents from the local Registrar of Companies
  • Identity of executives, board members and beneficiaries
  • Articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, and business certificates
  • Relationships with other institutions
  • Exhaustive checks on human rights, ethics, discrimination, environmental record, criminal litigation, watchlists and sanctions, regulatory issues, regulatory issues, social responsibility, bankruptcies, government or political relationships, and governance

Once the data is collected, our specialists assess:

  • Origin and legitimacy of the company’s wealth
  • Details on corporate history and structure
  • Company filings and business updates for financial and shareholding information
  • The company’s shareholdings and subsidiaries for corporate groups
  • Financial data
  • Negative media coverage highlighting reputational risks
  • If further detail or clarity is needed, on-the-ground investigations by trusted local journalists are commissioned
  • At this point, a bespoke report is created including recommendations:
  • Reputation risk analysis with overview of findings
  • Recommendations for risk mitigation
  • Reputation Risk Rating visually showing an estimation of the potential for damage to the client’s reputation
  • An Escalation Status indicating whether a final decision should be elevated to board level
  • Summary
  • Full report
  • Appendix with links to all the source material

We recommend our clients to have an ongoing monitoring strategy in place to receive regular updates and be aware of developments as they unfold, meaning decisions will always be based on the latest information.