InsightX's investigation of TGP Europe discovered links to Macau-based convicted criminal Alvin Chau Image: Jimmy Woo

How InsightX protected its clients in 2023

No other due diligence provider matches the team at InsightX’s level of research and intelligence. Since 2014, we have delivered best-in-class analysis to our clients in sports, business and the arts, enabling them to protect their reputations when renewing or entering new partnerships. 

In 2023, our team of journalists and researchers provided our clients with intelligence on prospective partnerships, be it sponsorships, player transfers, brand ambassadorships or influencer collaborations. The team was able to help our clients avoid reputational damage by providing clear, actionable information based on extensive and peerless research.

A move away from Crypto partnerships

The year saw many of our clients in football generally move away from partnering with cryptocurrency companies, returning to gambling and Forex partnerships. It began with an investigation of TGP Europe, the infamous white label licensor for numerous Asia-facing betting brands seen on the shirts and advertising hoardings of Premier League and international football clubs.

InsightX discovered a long-sought link between the company and SunCity Group and the now-imprisoned Alvin Chau via his affiliation with SunCity Group. Chau was convicted of illegal gambling, fraud and involvement in a criminal organisation in early 2023, and is reported to have links to the 14K triad groups. 

InsightX aids FT investigation

In June, we contributed to a major Financial Times investigation into white labelling in general and TGP Europe in particular. Our COO, Justin Williams, was interviewed as part of the collaboration.

Meanwhile, in another investigation, we found that the owners of another gambling company had fled Russia to Cyprus to avoid jail. The company claimed to operate from Cyprus, but InsightX’s on-the-ground investigation of its listed address and that of its affiliates found empty premises. 

Another client was approached by a company which had been struck off the Seychelles business register almost a year prior to the approach. The company appeared to have engaged in an abrupt move to the Seychelles to avoid a lawsuit in the country it was founded in, likely to conceal information about its operations. 

Our team also uncovered that one potential partner to a football club had a grim history of corruption, racketeering and sex abuse scandals. Further to this, the team also discovered links between the executives of a company accused of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion to the justice system of the country in which it is based, Spanish political scandals and the Trump Organisation. 

Social listening in due diligence

Through our social media analysis work, the team flagged controversial content identified from influencers’ social media histories or previous connections and sponsorships deemed risky for our clients’ reputations.

Investigating the online presence of an Asian online betting company on behalf of a football client, our analysts uncovered a series of social media accounts, ultimately belonging to the brand, that still featured explicit images of young women, despite the brand’s reassurance to the client that they were no longer making use of such content.

The company started the year intending to grow the number of influencer and brand ambassadors we screen for various clients, and was able to conduct investigations on five times as many individuals as we did in 2022. Our investigations included some of the most recognisable names on the planet, including Hollywood actors, fashion designers, legends of football and K-pop artists.

Our governance work with a major international football federation continued, providing intelligence on a number of executives associated with the client. The client also asked us to examine a number of companies in discreet jurisdictions. 

What lies ahead in 2024

In what was our most productive year yet, we produced nearly 200 reports on individuals, companies and organisations. The work continued over the Christmas and New Year period and the company expects further significant growth in 2024.