Are jurisdictional and linguistic gaps in your due diligence endangering your reputation?

The beauty of sport lies in its power to bridge gaps across genders, ethnicities, and religions. Its global appeal spans continents and borders, but this also poses challenges in the business of sport, particularly with language and jurisdiction.

Foreign procedures, systems, and languages complicate and increase the risk in deals and partnerships. Misunderstanding cultural contexts can lead to significant information gaps, while unfamiliarity with local customs and processes can leave brands vulnerable. To succeed in global sport, it’s crucial to eliminate or thoroughly clarify these complexities.

Leaving no stone unturned

As a leading due diligence provider in sport, we know that good decisions are fuelled by high-quality, in-depth intelligence.

To deliver this level of intelligence, we rely on a global research team fluent in over 40 languages, supported by journalists conducting on-the-ground inquiries in every major jurisdiction. This approach ensures that, despite language barriers and foreign regulations, we leave no stone unturned, mitigating risk as far as possible for our clients.

The alternative?

Other due diligence providers that rely on machine-driven data from databases leave brands exposed to risks stemming from language and jurisdictional nuances. Here are some of the potential risks they face:

Legal risks

Typically, due diligence ensures compliance with laws and regulations, preventing legal disputes and sanctions. However when dealing across borders and languages, in-depth, on-the-ground research by well-placed professionals eliminates cultural nuances and language barriers that could impact contracts and negotiations.

Financial risks

Enquiries across borders and languages reduces risk from different financial regulations and standards. They ensure that deals comply with both international and local financial laws.

Foreign media and online channels

Having native speakers research and investigate foreign news stories and documentation gives our clients a significant advantage. A scandal might erupt in a non-English speaking country and could fall under the radar or not be of interest to the English-language press. Native speakers also provide idiomatic translations – expressions that can’t be translated literally and may have different meanings across cultures.

Our commitment

Without this additional layer of in-depth investigation, sports brands and rights holders can be left in the dark about who they are forging a partnership with, leaving them open to serious financial and or reputational risk.

We are proud to employ multilingual researchers to conduct exhaustive – and where necessary – manual investigations across multiple languages and jurisdictions. This allows us to build a complete picture of a third party before any deal is signed, ultimately forging successful and long-lasting sports partnerships across every divide.

Leading brands, clubs, agencies, rights holders and institutions trust us to guide their decisions when partnering with suppliers, considering player transfers, activating sponsorships, using endorsers and influencers and in mergers and acquisitions. If you would like to see how InsightX’s approach can help you make better decisions please get in touch.

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