InsightX Ongoing Monitoring service combines our due diligence analysis with our reaction and sentiment corporate reputation monitoring to support your corporate reputation management

Ongoing monitoring

Due diligence reporting is often carried out before third-party agreements are signed because it is simply one of the tasks to be ticked off in order to get the deal done. But managing your reputation is a long-term game, it is not something that a one-off check or a yearly review will protect.

When you associate your brand with other companies, organisations or individuals, you are publicly implying that you approve of their views and values, and you are widening your reach to new audiences. Making sure you keep on top of what your partners and the public are saying about you, your brand, and the themes that are important to your organisation, should become routine.

Combining our flagship services, Enhanced Due Diligence and Reaction and Sentiment, InsightX Ongoing Monitoring pairs up our class-leading due diligence analysis with regular updates assessing reaction and sentiment from social media and online conversations.

Receiving regular reports will ensure you stay on top of  developments as they unfold, meaning your decisions will always be based on the latest information. 

Choose the frequency that works best for your team to keep track of third parties’ activity with daily or weekly reports.

What it covers
  • In-depth due diligence on a third party and an evaluation of the risk the relationship represents to your reputation
  • Weekly updates uncovering any new issues in the subject’s status across all adverse categories
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports covering reaction and sentiment from social media and online conversations to monitor how your business is perceived. These include mentions of your brand from your partners and sponsored individuals
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports assessing how the individuals and companies of interest are viewed on social media. Our reports include practical recommendations to mitigate identified risks and regular checks to verify that your response is working and that the threat of reputational damage is receding