InsightX Reaction and Sentiment analysis identifies risks from online and social media conversation

Reaction and sentiment

Being aware of what your audience thinks and shares online and how your company is perceived has become a core element of every organisation’s reputation management plan. Sentiment analysis adds context to social media conversations and helps you direct your communications efforts on to the key issues that matter to your customers.

InsightX’s Reaction and Sentiment service combines online and social media monitoring and reporting with our due diligence services, keeping you on top of any emerging issues that might impact your reputation and tracking changes in sentiment towards your company, executive team, products, brands, endorsers and sponsorship subjects.

Thanks to our global team of researchers and journalists, we analyse content in over 40 languages to ensure a comprehensive coverage of multinational issues.

Creating an offering that works for your needs, we deliver daily, weekly or monthly reports complete with our team’s recommendations for risk mitigation, or one-off more detailed audits which examine available online content in more detail right up to the moment of delivery.

What it covers:
  • Contextual market or sector research to understand perception of your company in the context of the wider industry
  • Analysis of the organisation’s sentiment perception on social channels globally
  • Detailed information on social and online conversation regarding a third-party of interest, including endorsed athletes or celebrities and partner brands
  • In-depth intelligence and recommendations looking at the social media profiles of individuals or organisations as part of governance and diligence analysis