InsightX is an independent due diligence analysis agency providing high-quality corporate intelligence covering different sectors including sponsorships and activations

Sponsorship and activations

Conducting due diligence analysis prior to entering into a sponsorship agreement with an individual, a club or team, an event or an official body is crucial. Being aware of the third party’s background can flag unexpected controversies and generally help your company assess what is your risk tolerance as well clarifying the  advantages and disadvantages of the proposed deal.

Successful sponsorships with high-profile individuals often extend over the long term and involve large investments. But they can also present higher risks and the due diligence process will need to take into consideration their public and private persona and their character in addition to their background and financial records. A sudden controversial behaviour or unpredictable character could cause reputational damage to a brand associated with the subject.

InsightX’s sponsorship and activations reports help corporate and public bodies to enter into agreements with confidence. Those partnerships may be with major corporate sponsors, private individuals,  event organisers, athletes, celebrities, influencers and endorsers. They mean that our clients are updated with relevant intelligence, enabling them to respond quickly in case of adverse events.

In addition to corporate sponsorship with high-profile individuals, athletes, clubs and events, our team can advise institutions or organisations evaluating a sponsorship and needing reassurance that a potential sponsor’s values are aligned with theirs.