There She Rows: Abbey Platten

There’s a new crew member in town. We’d like to officially welcome and say hello to There She Rows’ latest addition to the team – Abbey Platten. Abbey is taking over from Molly after Molly took the decision to pursue other admirable ambitions. We wish her all the best. 

Hello Abbey! Tell us a bit about your sporting background?

Swimming, surfing, sailing, running, cycling, paddleboarding, weightlifting, Crossfit, Hyrox and now ocean rowing! Most recently I’ve taken part in Hyrox, some local Crossfit competitions and last year I completed a 24-hour indoor row (and I’m currently the British record holder).

I’m always switching around and looking for something new and exciting to try, mostly just for fun, but occasionally I compete to see how far I can push myself. Everyone that knows me, knows I have a slight competitive streak!

What do you think sport has taught you?

Sport has taught me many lessons:

  • To appreciate my body for its strength and ability to keep going when the mind feels like giving up
  • To rest when needed and to fuel it well 
  • Most importantly – if you keep showing up and putting the work in you will see results!
What has sport given you that you think has helped to shape your professional life / you’ve been able to draw upon in your professional life?

I work as a personal trainer and online coach, my main clients are those that have lost their confidence to take part in exercise and need some gentle encouragement to get started. I think encountering the mental benefits of exercise myself and seeing the positive impact it can have, has helped me become super passionate about encouraging others to go through a similar experience.

What changes / improvements would you like to see when it comes to women’s involvement with sport?

I would like more women to feel confident enough to walk into any sporting establishment and begin their fitness journey – no matter what their baseline fitness is. I’d like to see changes in the way people view sports as something you have to be already good at. We all have to start somewhere!

If you could say anything to a young girl embarking on her sporting ‘career’ / journey, what would it be?

Don’t confine yourself to one sport, try them all! Continue the ones that light your fire, leave the ones that don’t. Do your stretches, eat well, rest when needed and most importantly…enjoy the process.

There She Rows are raising money for the Women’s Sport Trust, a leading UK charity whose aim is to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport. Find out more about our partnership with the team here.