There She Rows: Molly Green

Molly is next to be introduced in our series interviewing There She Rows – an all-female team and InsightX partner – who will be undertaking an unassisted, 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean to not only challenge themselves but also to inspire the next generation of girls through sport.

Molly talks to us about how her sporting background has given her resilience, how she’d like to see improved funding for professional female athletes, and this “brief detour” across the Atlantic (her words not ours)!

Tell us a bit about your sporting background.

I was sporty throughout school, often competed at county level in various sports then had a break, then my mum took me to the Training Shed which was a functional training gym at the top of my hill and a year later to a rugby game, and that was me set. My rugby career so far has been an unreal experience. I’ve had the honor of representing the British Army, Canadian & UK premiership teams and had a little opportunity with the IRFU Development squad just before committing to the row, so I’m excited to see what’s next, but for now I’m off on a brief detour across the Atlantic and it’s an absolute privilege to get to work so closely with the three phenomenal women alongside me.

What do you think sport has taught you?

It has taught me so much – to know yourself & your own potential, work hard enough to fulfil it and more than anything to weather the storm.


What has sport given you that you think has helped to shape your professional life?

In sport there’s a heavy emphasis on psychology which isn’t that common in the workplace so it gives you a spring board in terms of knowing how to get the best out of yourself & the way you work with others. It gives you confidence too, which you need in the corporate world. It can be pretty dog eat dog and in my experience sometimes you can be dismissed as a woman, so you have to have a bit of resilience and spirit to be heard – sport’s given me that.

What improvements would you like to see when it comes to women’s involvement with sport?

Funding for pros. The requirement to be elite is extremely high, female sports women are some of the hardest working, most dedicated people out there, it’s a full time job they have to do for free alongside a full time job, not only would they be able to be even better athletes, they would have a better quality of life. It would just be such a game changer.

Who are your female sporting heroes? 

My mum’s a runner & lives in the mountains, she’s even ran the London marathon pregnant and my Grandma still plays netball in her 70s. They set the example along with my dad and I owe a lot to them for that.


If you could say anything to a young girl embarking on her sporting ‘career’ / journey, what would it be?

Do it. Give it all that you’ve got. If that is rocking up to a social Sunday squad fixture, do it. It will give you some of you friends for life and you’ll be a bit fitter than if you didn’t. You don’t have to be hardcore, there’s a place for everyone in the sports world. Or, equally, if it’s chasing the fire seated deep in your core, do it. Do not give up, even when you want to. Make no mistake that pro sport is monotonous, stressful, boring. It’s also some of the best laughs and an utter privilege. Winning alongside a team that throw everything on the line for each other is a feeling that you can’t emulate. It really feels like it’s not sometimes, but truly with every inch of my being, it’s worth it.

There She Rows are raising money for the Women’s Sport Trust, a leading UK charity whose aim is to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport. Find out more about our partnership with the team here.