There She Rows

We’ve partnered with There She Rows, an all-female crew who is undertaking an unassisted, 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean to not only challenge themselves but also to inspire the next generation of girls through sport. 

Introducing The Atlantic Challenge

For around 40 days and through potential 40-ft waves, these four women are undertaking The Atlantic Challenge, one of the toughest challenges on Earth, which starts in the Canary Islands in December 2023 and ends in the Caribbean.

The crew of Victoria Monk, Ana Žigić, Molly Green and Ellie Reynolds are raising money for the Women’s Sport Trust, a leading UK charity whose aim is to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport. They are also supporting Endometriosis UK and the Teenage Cancer Trust, two other causes close to their hearts.

Through supporting There She Rows in this partnership we hope to help amplify awareness of these issues and support this incredibly brave and strong team to achieve its goals. 

About the Partnership

As a female-founded business, which has been shaped by a background in elite sport, it is a fitting partnership for InsightX. 

Our intelligence and due diligence reporting on individuals and organisations within sport help InsightX to play a part in supporting the industry in upholding high standards of governance and maintaining best practice in the way in which they operate. Protecting the  integrity of sport underpins what we do as a business.  The inequality of women’s access to, and participation in sport is an important part of this and has always been a cause close to our heart.

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