Foreign procedures, language, and jurisdictional differences can complicate and increase risks in sports partnerships. However, through due diligence with native speakers and on-the-ground manual investigations, these risks can be effectively mitigated.

Performing thorough due diligence on potential Olympic partnerships allows you to delve deeply into the sponsorship, ensuring that purpose-driven marketing efforts are both meaningful and authentic; choosing the right ambassador for involves more than just selecting a popular figure.

Without player transfer due diligence into the off-field behaviour of players, clubs put themselves at risk serious reputational damage. Here are seven off-field factors clubs need to investigate.

Standard due diligence checks in today’s world are no longer sufficient to fully protect your organisation's reputation. We have learned that enhanced due diligence represents the starting point when it comes to mitigating risk.

Due diligence is one way to mitigate risk in sports partnerships. Legal considerations demand careful attention during negotiations. Disputes have the potential to spiral into costly legal battles and cast unwelcome spotlights on business practices and individuals with the potential to damage reputations.

Unethical behaviour in sport has the potential to damage the reputations of the most prominent names. Therefore, when it comes to sports partnerships, the key to earning trust and credibility - the ingredients for lucrative, successful and long-lasting partnerships lies in transparency.

We often emphasise our reliance on journalists for our due diligence investigations. But what drives this choice, and why does it fundamentally set us apart from other providers?

InsightX provided intelligence on the CEO of Tingo, Dozy Mmobuosi, to a Premier League club in February 2021. We documented claims of widespread fraud

One misstep by a sponsored athlete or a scandal involving a partnered team can reverberate across media platforms, swiftly eroding trust and credibility of your brand. We discuss why doing due diligence in sports partnerships is essential to protecting your reputation.

In 2023, InsightX provided our clients with intelligence on prospective partnerships, be it sponsorships, player transfers, brand ambassadorships or influencer collaborations. Our due diligence research was able to help our clients avoid reputational damage by providing clear, actionable information based on extensive and peerless research.